9. Mark Morris: How music in this festival relates

WHAT’S IN THIS VIDEO: Lou Harrison was my first thought for this festival. A lot of the music in this festival relates to itself. There’s a strong Western influence. Many of the composers are linked to one another. These cross-references are on purpose – a very big world in a small location in a very short time. There are lots of good ideas about music and they’re not all of them from Vienna. [VIDEO IS 2:39 LONG]



  1. Mark, thanks for inspiring me to hop around from one link to another in both Wikipedia and YouTube (and other places) to awaken to what a great composer Lou Harrison is.

  2. ojaijayar says

    Mark, I can’t tell you how excited I will be when you actually “open up” Ojai. It has been long awaited.

  3. Richard Dee says

    Dear Mark, My name is Richard Dee and I worked with Lou for over 20 years and was his friend for 45 years ,. in 1976 Lou asked me – to cocompose a piece with him, which had been commissioned from the San Francisco Chamber music society. I knew that Lou had written Double music with Cage so I accepted if he could outline how we could do such a project. We outlined a 6 movement Suite that would last about 20 miniutes. We totally co composed 4 movements and each of us composed a single movement. after Lou’s death i revealed how we i did it to lita miller for inclusion in her second biography of lou. I still receive commissions from the piece which has been widely played and recorded . I had to correct many people for giving Lou full credit for the work since he was obviously the famous name. The publishers now print the piece with the full title Suite for Violin and American Gamelan by Lou Harrison and Richard Dee. I have long admired your work and Lou spoke of you so often I am very happy that you are in charge of Ojai and are featuring Lou’s music. I would love it if you might consider choreographing our suite some time. best of luck to you. By the way Lou Bill and I performed at Ojai twice. Once we did our full Chinese concert and later we Performed The Chinese shadow play TheWhite snake Lady with Pauline Benton. I Her biograpy is being published this June. I contributed much information fro this book since i am the only living member of this group.

    Richard Dee