4. Mark Morris: Mickey Mouse Movement

WHAT’S IN THIS VIDEO: It’s considered an insult to accuse a choreographer of Mickey-Mousing the movement. But Disney animators were brilliant. My favorite kind of dancing is to be on the beat. The brilliant Disney animators came up with fabulous choreography. These feelings we get that aren’t translated into text – it’s the choreographer’s job to convey it. [VIDEO IS 3:52 LONG]



  1. I love the idea that “improvised” cartoon movement is in fact meticulously thought out. Of course it is, but it’s easy to forget. So then you have to look at the “improvisations” as intentional and the fact that while the movement you see is responding to the music, it is a considered response rather than a spontaneous one. Makes me think about improvisation in a different way. To improvise and improvise well is actually the product of an established artistic mindset developed over time.