10. John Rockwell: Dance and music as conversation

WHAT’S IN THIS VIDEO: Dance doesn’t slavishly follow music, but traditionally it is intimately linked. However, just because the two are linked — in most cases — how directly must dance correspond to the music? If the music is fast, does the dance have to be fast? Different composer-choreographer duos have different approaches to answer that question. The Cage/Cunningham duo experimented with breaking that link entirely, but even still that combination had its own relationship and very precise ideas about how it should be executed.



  1. Which is the dependent art? Is dance really dependent on music? Certainly in a traditional sense it is. So does that mean dance is somehow a lesser art? But look, every piece of art comes out of other art – that’s what art is. Whether one is lesser or greater than the art that inspires it depends on how great the art is. Like anything else.