5. Ara Guzelimian: MTV, Music And Dance

WHAT’S IN THIS VIDEO: Not all visualizations for music are created equal. A cheesy music video may only offer a pre-digested take on the music that underscores it, but a great video imagery or choreography can focus the listener’s experience and heighten their music response. Different choreographers bring different aesthetics to how music and dance should relate. Someone like Mark Morris makes it possible to watch dance with the ear first while a Merce Cunningham aesthetic asks the audience to perceive visual and aural information separately.



  1. It’s all rather a kind of dance for the senses isn’t it? Which influences which? Are you the kind of person who is led by images? Or does what you hear dominate? I go back and forth as time goes on. I’m not sure it matters. There are many many ways of connecting with art and one of the many great things about it is that there are so many.